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This page is devoted to art graphics that are in demand by art collectors. All the contemporary artists listed are famous artists internationally and their works are in collections and museums throughout the world. Check out the original graphics shown below. You may find something that will
complement your collection.


In 1958, a year after leaving the Royal College in London, Malcolm Morley moved to New York City, where he saw exhibitions of the work of Jackson Pollack and Balthus, both of whose treatment of their paintings' surfaces influenced him greatly. He considers Cezanne the quintessential sensationalist, and has acknowledged that artist's deep influence on his own work. When Morley moved to New York he met Barnett Newman, and became influenced by him. He painted a number of works at this time made up of only horizontal black and white bands. He also met Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein and, influenced in part by them, changed to a photorealist style (Morley prefers the phrase super realist) and became known among his peers as the "Father' of the photorealist movement and one of its most famous artists. In the 1970s, Morley's work began to be more expressionist, and he began to incorporate collage into his work. In 1973, Morley came to our atelier and created the Arles/Miami Suite of five lithographs (four are shown below) which were the first original art graphics he ever made. Later in the decade, he began to use his own earlier drawings and watercolors as the subject for his paintings. In the 1990s he returned again to a more photo realist style in his paintings and art graphics often reproducing images from model airplane kits on large canvases.

Original, Signed and Framed Watercolor


Original, Signed, Stone Lithographs
The first original prints ever created by the artist

Prints are Dedicated to the Director of the Atelier
(Another Collector Plus)







The four original lithographs shown above are the first original art graphics ever created by Malcolm Morley and, as such, are true collector's items. In addition these four prints are dedicated to the Director of the Atelier, outside of the edition of 150 examples, making them even more desirable to art collectors.

The completed edition of Miami
Postcard hanging to dry

Sam Shore explaining the rainbow roller
used in the Miami Silver edition to Malcolm.

Malcolm Morley working on a zinc plate for the Parrot Jungle edition.

Two of the Marinoni-Voirin presses used in printing the Morley editions.


Called “a visual poet,” Robert Natkin created large-scale canvases in which he merged Abstract Expressionism with Post-Impressionist color.  His works stand out for their intense coloristic vibrancy combined with a delicate lyricism.  In 2004 Theodore F. Wolff wrote:  “Robert Natkin has spent a considerable portion of his creative life bringing beauty into sharp focus through paintings that are subtle evocations of the gentle, more effable levels and dimensions of our physical and spiritual universe.”   In ArtToday (1999), Edward Lucie-Smith described Natkin’s paintings as “the ultimate development” in color abstraction, stating that their sumptuous color orchestration could “probably be carried no further” as they are unsurpassed “exercises of painterly virtuosity.” 




One of the most famous artists in the world, Dalí was a skilled draftsman, best known for the striking and bizarre images in his paintings and art graphics. His painterly skills are often attributed to the influence of Renaissance masters. Dalí's expansive artistic repertoire included film, sculpture, and photography, in collaboration with a range of artists in a variety of media and his art will provide major interest in your home decor wall art.   Dali worked with Shorewood in the creation of over 76 editions of original graphics including the Aliyah Portfolio, the Carmen Portfolio, the Marquis de Sade Portfolio and many individual graphics.

An Unusual, Signed, Mixed Media Print
by the Master of Surrealism



As a painter, d'Izarny possesses a particular talent for granting mysterious charm to deserted locations - a country road, an old house in a clearing as it emerges from a morning haze. His brush can saturate the images of these places with great poignancy. 

As a colorist, his tones and chiaroscuro's create an effect whereby romanticism and melancholy enhance expression of a sensitively felt reality. 

d'Izarny's original paintings and lithographs, created in his studios in France,  are greatly sought after by collectors and the finest galleries throughout the world. 




A passionate experimenter, Agam deals with such problems as the 4th dimension, simultaneity and time in the visual, plastic arts, and has extended his experiments to application in the fields of literature, music and art theory.

 His works express a concept that breaks away with the established way of expressing reality in limited, static way. In his works, he strives to demonstrate the principle of reality as a continuous "becoming" rather than static "graven image." His paintings "Double Metamorphosis 11" in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and "Transparent Rhythms 11 "in the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. give the best example of his polymorphic painting. His works are placed in many public places including "Communication x 9" on the Michigan Avenue in Chicago (1983), "Communication: Night and Day" at the AT&T building in New York (1974), "Super Lines Volumes" at the Pare Floral in Paris (1971), and his murals "Peace" and "Life" arc installed at the Parliament of Europe in Strasbourg (1977).




Haring achieved his first public attention with chalk artworks in the subways of New York. These were his first recognized pieces of pop art. Haring contributed to the New York New Wave display in 1981 and in 1982, he had his first exclusive exhibition. That same year, Haring took part in Documenta 7 in Kassel, Germany. By 1982, he established friendships with fellow emerging artists Kenny Scharf, Madonna and Jean-Michel Basquiat. That same year he took part in Public Art Fund's "Messages to the Public" in which he created work for a Spectacolor Board in Times Square. Haring created more than 50 public works between 1982 and 1989 in dozens of cities around the world. His famous "Crack is Wack" mural, created in 1986, has become a landmark in New York's FDR Drive. He got to know Andy Warhol, who was the theme of several of Haring's pieces including "Andy Mouse." His friendship with Warhol would prove to be a decisive element in his eventual success, particularly after their deaths.

Signed in the Plate Serigraphs 





Roy Lichtenstein was one of the first American Pop artists to achieve widespread renown, and he became a lightning rod for criticism of the movement. His early work ranged widely in style and subject matter, and displayed considerable understanding of modernist painting: Lichtenstein would often maintain that he was as interested in the abstract qualities of his images as he was in their subject matter. However, the mature Pop style he arrived at in 1961, which was inspired by comic strips, was greeted by accusations of banality, lack of originality, and, later, even copying. His high-impact, iconic images have since become synonymous with Pop art, and his method of creating images, which blended aspects of mechanical reproduction and drawing by hand, has become central to critics' understanding of the significance of the movement.

From the Rare Lifetime Edition (1966)



Ron Kleemann, one of the most famous artists of the movement, has been making photorealist artworks since the mid-sixties. His work is owned by museums and major modern collectors all over the world. His art regularly appears in both solo and group shows. Kleemann has been recognized as one of the original artists of the Photo Realism movement. His work is usually that of shiny, brightly painted vehicles sometimes focusing on just certain parts. These early paintings and art graphics had subjects such as trucks and cars. In the early 70s Kleemann began to paint extreme close ups of race cars and trucks. This series of paintings made him an icon of Photorealism and solidified his position amongst the original Photorealists. Kleemann came to our atelier in 1973 and again in 1974 to create the two art graphics shown below.

Hand Drawn, Signed Lithographs by
One of the Original Photo Realists




Tom Blackwell is one of the original first generation of Photorealists and one of the most famous artists in the movement. He is one of the photorealists most associated with the style. Blackwell has produced a significant body of work based on the motorcycle as well as other vehicles such as storefronts with manikins, and a few airplanes. He started out as an abstract expressionist but soon became enamored with the Pop art movement of the 1960s. From abstract expressionism he moved on to large-scale paintings which incorporate shiny metallic objects usually found on motorcycles or other vehicles. His later and current artworks continue this but often with scenes in which light is reflecting from store windows. Blackwell came to our atelier in 1972 to create his first original art graphic shown below.

A Collector's Dream...

The Very First Hand Drawn Print Made by One of

the Original Photo Realists



Risaburo Kimura was born in 1924, in Yokosuka, Kanagawa prefecture. Yokosuka is located at the mouth of Tokyo Bay, close to Yokohama. Kimura attended Yokohama University and Hosei University, in Tokyo. Since early 1963, he made his home in New York. post- sōsaku hanga (creative print movement) artist and master of serigraph technique, Risaburo Kimura has special affinity for big cities, being born close to Tokyo and later living in New York. In the late 1960s, he started his most important series of prints, “City” series, with well over 400 different renderings of a big city. All of the cities he represented in this series are fictional, and are reduced to masterly use of several colors, and minimalization of architectural elements.




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